A quick kitchen refresh

Have you ever looked around a room in your house and think, "everything in here looks tired?" Well that's what happened last week in my kitchen. It's a been a busy summer, lots of hosting and grilling and EVERYTHING needed a good cleaning. So I jumped in and cleaned out the refrigerator, scrubbed the sink, cleaned the stove top and even wiped out the microwave. And just like that, I was already feeling better about it. For some reason cleaning is totally therapeutic for me. You either get this completely or think I'm crazy. :) But after all that scrubbing, I realized my towels and kitchen essentials were definitely worse for the wear. 

kitchen sink.jpg

So I hopped on Amazon to get a few things. Most of the time, I pick up these essentials at HomeGoods of Tuesday Morning, but in this case I needed instant gratification. Amazon is amazing/dangerous for this very thing. For some reason, I never think to buy new kitchen towels even though they are such a low budget way to make things feel better.... instantly. So now everything is clean and shiny, and I won't be embarrassed at my gross towels when I have friends over for dinner. #winning. 

Where do you get your kitchen accessories? Target? World Market? Bed Bath and Beyond? Links to individual items below. 

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