Happy Things, Pretty Things #8


Hey there sweet friends! 

It is VACATION time!!! Long awaited, over-due, and much needed. Lauren and I are headed to put our toes in the sand. YESSSS, I am bubbling with excitement.

I grew up going to Panama City Beach every year and I treasure those memories. But we are making our own traditions, not sure what that is yet. Possibly different beach each year? Who knows.  We would love to hear what your family does for summer vacationing.

Weekly Round-ups are here...


1. Reading 75 summer recipes and I ran across this one.  YUMMY!! I am one of those weird people that think pineapple belongs on pizza but never thought of adding it to my taco. I bet these are amazing!! A little sweet and spicy! After vacay, I am going to try these. 


2. Do you remember my Tony Moly peeling shoes? I am still very much a fan of this product. But it is kinda like getting a bikini wax... the end result is good but the in between and right before the final product isn't so lovely. ha! You really need to plan it right to use these peels otherwise when you're sitting at your friend's house chatting about life and look down to flakes of your dead foot skin on their rug (sorry Lauren), it can be a little embarrassing.  Maybe for you, this would be a better mask to use in the winter.

Which leads me to this, exfoliating foot scrub to pair with schwanky & soft. I bought it from my friend who sells Perfectly Posh. It works really well! I have relatively dry feet but not quite sandpaper heels. Ya know?  


3. I seriously cannot wait to read this book at the beach!  I have a list I wanna share with you soon on my next reads,too! Stay tuned.



4. Have you ever used Bumble and Bumble? These have been my travel go-tos for the last few trips we have taken. The thickening spray is the BOMB.  And as much as I love my Batiste dry shampoo, Pret-a-powder is neck and neck. I do realize that it seems quite pricey for a bottle but it lasts! The aerosol cans at best may last two weeks if I only wash my hair twice a week. I have really oily hair so I get that may not be 100% accurate for your hair type. But at 13 dollars a pop, I am spending roughly 20-30 bucks (depending on if I have a coupon) a month on my Batiste dry shampoo alone.  This large bottle is $28 bucks but I suggest trying the travel size bottle first. 

5.  We certainly do not have a home cooked meal Mon-Fri. I wish I could say we do. I admire Heather's post. To be honest, her take on life, marriage, and parenting in general.  And guess what we are eating for dinner tonight? PIZZA! 

6. Are you a Amazon Prime member?  You should be! Monday July 16th is PRIME DAY!  If you are not a Prime member, you can sign up here for a free 30-day trial.  "Prime Day" is a 36-hour sale that have prices better than Black Friday. It starts are 3 p.m. so this is no set your alarm for 2 a.m. kinda sale. I suggest downloading the Amazon app that way you are ready to go when it is live! 

Amazon has already released some deals and you can purchase these now...

On Monday, there will be all-time low sales on kindles, echos, echo dots, fire sticks, tablets, security cameras,  etc. 


output (4).jpg

7. There are a couple sunflower fields here in Chattanooga. My friend, Nicole, owns JN Photography and we had a Mommy and Me session.  This was the sneak peek she gave me. I am DYING to see the rest. 

Bonus: Watch our stories so you can see what I get in my next Boxycharm!! If you wanna join, click here. My referral code is Meage-QHJHABFO. If you want more info, check out my blog post on my subscriptions.



Nordstrom- If you are a card holder, you can shop the Anniversary Sale now. Otherwise, July 19th it opens to the public. 

Marley Lilly- always bringing it in with cute monograms

Mud-pie- Sale tab has some great items and use code SHIP2 for free shipping :)

That is really all I got, I am in a shopping funk. Nothing really that is wow-ing me more than what I have already shared. The Loft, Blossoms, and Gymboree are always good sites to check. I think my brain is already on vacation. Not gonna lie.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy it! School starts in less than a month! Where has the summer went? 



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