My Makeup Organizer

Hey Beauties!

Does your counter ever look like this? Yeah, mine either. Just kidding, I could never find anything. 

I decided I needed a little structure in my makeup counter life.  This large rotating organizer keeps all my right-now goodies in one place. My products are always changing through the year so this was perfect. The shelves are adjustable for various size items which I love! I snagged this makeup tower for less than 30 bucks! Game changer.

Pretty amazing, huh?  It gives me a chance to use up what I have too instead of buying more! I mean, I am going to buy more {eventually}, but when I look in my storage bin of all my makeup and see an extensive amount of palettes, primers and lipsticks. I think, I should probably use some of this up. My husband said I am a hoarder. HA! I have vowed to not buy any makeup until I have cleared a good bit of this out. 

what i have spinning right now :) 

what i have spinning right now :)