Happy Things, Pretty Things #4


Happy Saturday!!

It is supposed to be a hot one this weekend which I believe calls for ice cream! Listen to me, haha!! It is not even officially Summer until next week and I am already talking about how hot it is. Either way, wear your sunscreen! Promise, being super tan is not worth the wrinkles :) I know, I know...I am turning into my mother. ::sigh::


My finds this week....

1.  Awesome parenting article

2.  My GHD flat-iron is on sale. I highly recommend it. I always used Chi but the last two irons were lousy.  


3.  We love to grill. Grillin' season deserves some cowboy butter

4.  Did you see my post of the hubby's Original Grain watch? If Father's Day came too quick and you missed your chance, this would be a great present for an upcoming birthday.

RElaxed tee   and  Denizen shorts  from target//  Cute Cork wedges  - bought my Steve Madden's a couple years back.

RElaxed tee  and Denizen shorts from target// Cute Cork wedges - bought my Steve Madden's a couple years back.

5.  I rave about Denizen jean shorts but for colorful bright shorts I go for Crown & Ivy. They are marked down to $19.99 now. STEAL! The boys clothes are SUPER cute, too!

6.  I found this blog called But Why is the Wine Gone?  HAHA. She even wrote a blog about why it is gone. It was a much appreciated laugh. If you're a parent, you get it. We need to know not everyone has it together all the time. 

7.  Just ordered these! Because, I NEEDED them. ;)

8.  My friend, Candace, shared these baseballs studs she bought at KNSJewels. I do not even have kids in ball....but I do love these. I may need them for the Braves games.


9.  In honor of Father's Day and the hubs and I went to see Dallas last night.... 

Watch this cover.

10.  Any Americas Got Talent fans ?  Two weeks ago, a guy named Michael was on there. Michael and his wife Ivey went to school with my husband, Adam and Brunette Edit's one and only, Lauren. Basically, they are famous now. Lauren says she remembers Michael killin' it at the talent shows in school. Obviously, I do not personally know him but Adam had me follow them a couple years back so we have kept up with their life. Michael got the golden buzzer by Simon!!!!  Listen here to what got Simon in the feels. You gotta hear their story and how God orchestrated these amazing adoptions. And follow Ivey on Instagram because she is refreshing, hilarious,  and real. 


Alright, that is all.

Have a fantastic weekend celebrating those wonderful men in your life! We have a jammed packed one planned.

Much love!

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