Summer Bucket Lists

Summertime – when living is easy and work is hard. You know, dreaming of being in the sunshine, eating ice cream, and on the water. That is where my mind drifts to during the days.  Lauren and I thought it would be fun to share with you the ideas we have for our summers. 

Our last few summers have been chaotic. Who am I kidding? Our LIFE is chaotic! I decided to choose some good ole' fun that takes me back to my childhood.  As moms, we spend our lives watching and creating fun but hardly ever jump in on it. This list is all-inclusive to the fam, aside from a couple date nights and a girls night with the gals.  - Meg

bucket list.png


I love the idea of a bucket list! Let’s be honest, I love the idea of nearly any list. There’s something satisfying about crossing off those to-dos. The great thing about a list like this is that I want to do everything on it! This is me trying to create the summer highlight reel.

It’s easy to stay on that busy track – even in the summer. Work, family commitments, baseball tournaments, house projects. Life keeps coming even when you just want to take a break. I’m busier than ever right now with work commitments, but I’m determined to not let it spoil all the fun. So this summer, I’m being intentional about planning for fun and relaxation. I’m hoping that putting these intentions out there will remind me to take some deep breaths and seek out the simple pleasures. What’s more relaxing than that? - Lauren

Summer 2018 Bucket List.png

Here's a few of our summer adventures so far! 

summer bucket list lake.jpg
summer bucket list - in the water