My Current Makeup Favs

I don't know about you but for me, I like to switch up my make-up throughout the seasons -sometimes more frequent than that. But I wanted to share with you some of my current makeup favs. This isn't my whole routine, but are definitely products I reach for most days. 

Lancome Foundation

This foundation is nothing short of amazing. I wear a 330 Bisque N during the winter and bump up to a 340 Bisque N when I have some color. 

This foundation is long lasting, has SPF, and it is not too heavy but has excellent coverage. (I go back and forth between this and Bare Minerals Original Loose Powder Foundation). In Bare Minerals, I wear medium beige year round. 


Lancome Undereye Concealer

I use medium bisque. This is waterproof, yeah! Some days, I have dark circles especially when the pollen count is at 9240908. These days are definite times I use this concealer but it is not something I battle every day. This would be a great staple if you daily struggle with under eye circles.

FYI, a little goes a LONG way.

Lancome Eyeliner

I always wear eyeliner.  This is a wonderful black eyeliner that goes on smooth and is rich in color. It can be used for basic eyeliner, wings, smokey eyes, and/or on your waterline.

Lancome Mascara

This is a natural mascara and great for every day. I will say, the Hypnose Drama is an amazing mascara for a night out or date night. It really gives you some va-voom in your lashes that you are not necessarily looking for on a day at the office. And I am always a lover of this Maybelline mascara, too. It is a fantastic, inexpensive product. 

Pretty Vulgar Blush 

I got this blush in a monthly box I subscribe to. My first thought was "oh my word, that is PINK!" Keep in mind, I am not a pink kind-of girl. I do not hate it and I like wearing it but I do not automatically flock to it. I am more of a blue/green girl. With that being said, I was very leery about this product. I read the info on it, read some reviews and decided what the heck, let's give it a whirl. It said that they made the shades to be versatile to all skin types and I am dark headed with olive skin so bubble gum pink is just ehhh. Boy, I was wrong. This stuff is FABULOUS!!!! I wear this jazz every day. You can build on the color if you want really bright cheeks but it also can be very subtle. Great product, I am a fan.


Bare Minerals Glow Illuminator 

This creamy gel is called Gold Obsession. I bought this item on a whim when Bare Minerals had a sale (bargain addict). I put this illuminator right above my Pretty Vulgar Blush. It highlights and defines my cheeks bones.  Sometimes to brighten my eyes, I will put a little in the corners. This product is build-able. Go ahead get creative with it.


Lancome Color Design 

This is my go-to color. It is neutral and goes with anything. The colors in this lip line are all amazing. They are pigmented well and last a long time.

Another great color is Limelight's Macaroon. It is a perfect day-to-day choice. I keep both of these colors in my purse.

**I do wear eyeshadow but that changes constantly which is why I did not add those in. I will do a post about my favorite eye shadows one day. 

Maybe, I could do a monthly breakdown of what I am currently using that will also give you some product ideas on what I love and why I love them. I have a whole slew of make-up so I might as well put them to good use. 

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This is not a sponsored or affiliated post and purely based on my preferences.