Hair Products I'm Lovin'

Kenra 25 Hairspray

I have been using this hairspray for approximately 10(+) years. I worked with one of my besties back in the day at Trade Secret and we both swore by this product. This is the maximum hold volume spray by Kenra without the sticky, oily look and build up along with controlling humidity.  One thing that can be a little inconvenience is the nozzle ever so often may clog up. It is an easy fix and not a deal breaker for me. People seem to either love or hate the 25. The ones that are not a fan of 25 usually love the Kenra 13 which is the medium hold. . 

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In

After babies, my hair is all kinds of crazy. My biggest issues are the breakage and dullness. I received its a 10 as a gift when I purchased an item last summer at Ulta. Now, I use it all the time. It helps with tangles, breakage, shine, and frayed dead ends.

Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray

Because my hair is straight and I have a lot of it, it tends to be heavy and somewhat flat. This sea salt spray is for soft beach-like waves. It does not do that for me. I use this spray to give me a little texture. On a hair washing day, this is a good addition for grit. 


Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have always been a daily washer but then I met dry shampoo. I am down to two to three washes a week. Batiste is my favorite brand at an inexpensive price. The tropical scent is my favorite. 

As a brunette, I have found some dry shampoos leave white residue that take a little more work than others to get out. For best results, I suggest putting it in your hair the night before so that it can absorb while you are sleeping. Although, there have been mornings when I decide to hold out a day longer, I will throw dry shampoo in with a headband on and hop in the shower. Batiste seems to do well in soaking up the oils even at the last minute.

On freshly washed hair, dry shampoo is good to spray into the roots to give some volume and texture. 

Let me know some of your favorites that we should try!

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