Memorial Day Finds



We had big camping plans with family & friends this weekend.  As we look at the radar, the weather is the pits. We decided to just keep it simple, stay home, catch some movies, relax, bake festive food, and hang with the kiddos. Sunday after church, we are going to do a shrimp boil. Yum!! Rain can put a damper on our plans (literally) but it won't stop our fun...

Lauren and I decided to start a weekly round-up for you guys. Things we have shared in our stories, things we like, things pertaining to what is going on coming up. 

This is a round-up before the round-up since I found some fun & festive 'Merica stuff I wanted to share with you. So you get a double dose this week. Lucky you!!




Last but certainly not least, thanks to all the men and women who have served and given their lives for our country. Thank you for protecting our freedom. Remember, although today can be an excuse to have a cook-out, a long weekend with family & friends, or even a camping trip, we are celebrating those who no longer have the ability to do those things. So let's wave our flags high, pray for those lost lives, and thank the Good Lord above we have the freedom we do!

Hope you & your families have a safe weekend!