Subscription Addiction

"There is a box for that"....

Did you know there are endless kinds of monthly, quarterly, and yearly boxes you can subscribe to? Ya'll this is changing my life and soon I will never have to leave the house. :) 


Most of us have heard of  Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora Play for beauty, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron for food, Stitchfix for clothing, FabFitFun with combination of beauty & fitness. BUT these aren't all that are available - and box subscriptions are not limited to women only! There are baby boxes, men boxes, kid boxes, business boxes. I was stoked when I learned how many there are. Seriously, what a great idea!!

If you are like me, I like a surprise, trying new things, and giving a review. Through a couple of my boxes I have found some of my favorite new items.

subscription -5.jpg

Currently, I have ----

PLAY by Sephora  - monthly box

FabFitFun - quarterly box 

Boxy Charm - monthly box

On Their Way ---

Mighty Fix - monthly box- first one on the way!

Shave Club - monthly box- for the hubs!

PLAY by Sephora is a beauty box for $10.83 (ish). I love this box! I have had it for about two years and it is by far the best beauty subscription I have had-for the price. I feel like the products selected are a higher quality than the other beauty boxes I have gotten in the past. For ten dollars and some change, you really cannot beat that. It is  better than going out and buying stuff just to try only to find you hate them. I have switched perfumes because of a sample in this box, found great primers, and fell in love with some face masks. 

FabFitFun is a quarterly box for $49.99. (There's a coupon for that).
I know this is a bigger investment than some of the other boxes but the items combined total over $200 and they are full size! Plus, like I stated it is quarterly so they are 4 seasonal boxes a year.  There is an option when checking out to add additional items at a fraction of the cost-which being the gal that loves a deal, I hit that up. FabFitFun will ask you a few questions and customize your box based on your likes or can choose let them completely surprise you with your goodies.  

My favorite thing out of my first box was the muscle soak - Himalayan salt. I have a sensitive nose and I could smell it before I opened the box. Unsure but curious about it, I decided to skip my Epsom salt bath and try the muscle soak. The idea is to release toxins in your body, stimulate circulation, and soothe sore muscles. I try to take a bath once a week, to relax was my initial reasoning but I am flushing toxins out of body that can cause my immune system to weaken and also helping with acne, cellulite, puffiness. I am all for a good detox. I felt great after and slept amazing. I will be purchasing this again and again!

P.S. Your bathroom will smell like a spa for a couple days after too especially if you do not fully clean the tub. **Not that I would know but that is just what a heard** ;) haha

Last tidbit, each season FitFabFun partners with a different charity to support their mission. I cannot help but adore a business that chooses to share their wealth for the greater good of another organization. 

opening box

Boxy Charm is another beauty box for $21. What drew me in to this box was that the items you get are full size, where most of these other beauty boxes are travel size. I want to be 100% honest on this. My first box was okay. Not that the items were bad because they definitely were not. They just were not items I would use. The first box came with a lot of glitter items which takes me back to middle school and I do not ever wanna go back there.  What I did get some really great brushes in that box. If you are a make-up gal, you know one of the brushes alone would have cost $20. It paid for itself.  Although, I was not oooo'ing and ahhh'ing over my first box- I am a second chance giver so I got my next box.  CHA-CHING! They more than made up for themselves! Every item in box two has been used and a couple used daily.

Click here to get your Boxycharm or use my referral code: Meage-QHJHABFO

Mighty NEST is a home box. They send you one green item each month, weekly ideas for healthy living, and the best part is 15% donation for your local school with any order on their website. My friend and I are box lovers and every time we find a new one we will send each other messages "A NEW BOX!!!". She gave me a coupon on my first nest for a free box. It is currently in the mail on it's way to me.  So, we will see and I will share soon!

Next on my list to sign up for are a date night box, faith box and a coffee box- yep there is a box for that! Oh, and there are Christmas boxes, too....I will definitely be jumping on that one!

What are some of your favorite subscriptions? 

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