My Makeup Organizer

Hey Beauties!

Does your counter ever look like this? Yeah, mine either. Just kidding, I could never find anything. 

I decided I needed a little structure in my makeup counter life.  This large rotating organizer keeps all my right-now goodies in one place. My products are always changing through the year so this was perfect. The shelves are adjustable for various size items which I love! I snagged this makeup tower for less than 30 bucks! Game changer.

Pretty amazing, huh?  It gives me a chance to use up what I have too instead of buying more! I mean, I am going to buy more {eventually}, but when I look in my storage bin of all my makeup and see an extensive amount of palettes, primers and lipsticks. I think, I should probably use some of this up. My husband said I am a hoarder. HA! I have vowed to not buy any makeup until I have cleared a good bit of this out. 

 what i have spinning right now :) 

what i have spinning right now :) 


Happy Things, Pretty Things #4


Happy Saturday!!

It is supposed to be a hot one this weekend which I believe calls for ice cream! Listen to me, haha!! It is not even officially Summer until next week and I am already talking about how hot it is. Either way, wear your sunscreen! Promise, being super tan is not worth the wrinkles :) I know, I know...I am turning into my mother. ::sigh::


My finds this week....

1.  Awesome parenting article

2.  My GHD flat-iron is on sale. I highly recommend it. I always used Chi but the last two irons were lousy.  


3.  We love to grill. Grillin' season deserves some cowboy butter

4.  Did you see my post of the hubby's Original Grain watch? If Father's Day came too quick and you missed your chance, this would be a great present for an upcoming birthday.

  RElaxed tee   and  Denizen shorts  from target//  Cute Cork wedges  - bought my Steve Madden's a couple years back.

RElaxed tee  and Denizen shorts from target// Cute Cork wedges - bought my Steve Madden's a couple years back.

5.  I rave about Denizen jean shorts but for colorful bright shorts I go for Crown & Ivy. They are marked down to $19.99 now. STEAL! The boys clothes are SUPER cute, too!

6.  I found this blog called But Why is the Wine Gone?  HAHA. She even wrote a blog about why it is gone. It was a much appreciated laugh. If you're a parent, you get it. We need to know not everyone has it together all the time. 

7.  Just ordered these! Because, I NEEDED them. ;)

8.  My friend, Candace, shared these baseballs studs she bought at KNSJewels. I do not even have kids in ball....but I do love these. I may need them for the Braves games.


9.  In honor of Father's Day and the hubs and I went to see Dallas last night.... 

Watch this cover.

10.  Any Americas Got Talent fans ?  Two weeks ago, a guy named Michael was on there. Michael and his wife Ivey went to school with my husband, Adam and Brunette Edit's one and only, Lauren. Basically, they are famous now. Lauren says she remembers Michael killin' it at the talent shows in school. Obviously, I do not personally know him but Adam had me follow them a couple years back so we have kept up with their life. Michael got the golden buzzer by Simon!!!!  Listen here to what got Simon in the feels. You gotta hear their story and how God orchestrated these amazing adoptions. And follow Ivey on Instagram because she is refreshing, hilarious,  and real. 


Alright, that is all.

Have a fantastic weekend celebrating those wonderful men in your life! We have a jammed packed one planned.

Much love!

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Belk- Lancome & Estee Lauder Gift Time

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Summer Bucket Lists

Summertime – when living is easy and work is hard. You know, dreaming of being in the sunshine, eating ice cream, and on the water. That is where my mind drifts to during the days.  Lauren and I thought it would be fun to share with you the ideas we have for our summers. 

Our last few summers have been chaotic. Who am I kidding? Our LIFE is chaotic! I decided to choose some good ole' fun that takes me back to my childhood.  As moms, we spend our lives watching and creating fun but hardly ever jump in on it. This list is all-inclusive to the fam, aside from a couple date nights and a girls night with the gals.  - Meg

bucket list.png


I love the idea of a bucket list! Let’s be honest, I love the idea of nearly any list. There’s something satisfying about crossing off those to-dos. The great thing about a list like this is that I want to do everything on it! This is me trying to create the summer highlight reel.

It’s easy to stay on that busy track – even in the summer. Work, family commitments, baseball tournaments, house projects. Life keeps coming even when you just want to take a break. I’m busier than ever right now with work commitments, but I’m determined to not let it spoil all the fun. So this summer, I’m being intentional about planning for fun and relaxation. I’m hoping that putting these intentions out there will remind me to take some deep breaths and seek out the simple pleasures. What’s more relaxing than that? - Lauren

Summer 2018 Bucket List.png

Here's a few of our summer adventures so far! 

summer bucket list lake.jpg
summer bucket list - in the water

Happy Things, Pretty Things #3

Ahh. We made it to the weekend! I hope you're getting a little bit of time poolside or by some body of water! I'm trying my best to soak up some sun and the summer vibes. :) I've found a few things that caught my attention this week. Hope you enjoy! 


1. You either love it or hate it. (Chattanooga peeps, where do you stand???) My husband is fan, so we definitely hit Riverbend up several nights each year. I’m not sorry that I’m going to see the Wallflowers and Third Eye Blind. Aging myself, but I don’t care! 

2. Here’s all the justification I need for staying in bed a little longer this morning. >>> Because, science. :) 

3. Comfy, but not too short. I'm really leaning into shorts this summer. 

4. Would love to find a dupe for these. I love rainbows. 

5. Don’t miss Meg’s uplifting post on the Power of a Positive Attitude!

6. Can’t get enough Brussels sprouts recipes! 

  Photo via Ambitious Kitchen

Photo via Ambitious Kitchen

7. So sad to hear about this news. I loved Anthony Bourdain's straightforward take on the world and the cultures that produced beautiful and interesting cuisines. I read somewhere that we should all check on our strong friends, because life is hard no matter what. 

8. The swimsuit that's sending me running to Walmart this weekend. (It's that good!) We have a post coming soon about all our darling Walmart finds! 

black swimsuit.jpeg

Don’t Miss These Summer Sales!

Old Navy | 20% off everything | Code SWEET

Gap | up to 50% off everything! | Code FORYOU

J Crew Factory | 40-70% off Top Summer Essentials  

Have a great weekend! XOXO

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Happy Things, Pretty Things #2


Happy Saturday!!

I hope your week treated you well and you have lots of fun planned for this weekend. It is supposed to be a decent day here in Chattanooga and we are going to spend it on the water. It has been wet & rainy for a week now. A little sunshine will do me some good! What are your weekend plans?

By the way, it is already June?! That seems unreal to me. It also means a little over 6 months until Christmas! :) 


This week, I am rounding up my favorite finds from all over....


1. This Cucumber Basil Lemonade sounds delicious. I bet it tastes like summertime.  I am seeing basil everywhere now. We tried a strawberry basil ice cream at a local place. My husband even approved!

2. I shared these shorts a couple weeks ago but I feel they need to be shared over and over.  They are so comfy! 

3. My $17 Jumpsuit I have been gushing over in our stories. Walmart pics do this adorable thing no justice! .

Check out my precious friend, Whit, wearing hers with wedges. Not her same shoes pictured but cute green ones!












4. While we are on Wal-Mart, these tassel earrings.

5. I love everything about this suit!! I know that high-waisted are either a love or hate item. This one I took a gamble on and I am so happy I did!

6. Stumbled across this classic & cute blogger a few weeks ago .... I might be a little obsessed with her.  Is that strange? I don't even know her but I think we should be real life friends.

7. Man, this article hits home with us. Our oldest struggles tremendously, even the normal daily tasks tend to be a chore. But much grace. I have friends all over the spectrum in life of parenting/children and from straight A's to straight struggles. We just finished elementary school last week and on to middle school. Whew, are we ready for that? We should be. God has already laid the order for his life and we should find peace with Him.

8. Because some reviews are too good not to share. The first two "critical reviews" struck my funny bone. Despite the collarbone mishap. Come on, Troy, you bought a 12 foot beach ball. Sounds pretty awesome to me....should I buy the kids one?

9. Looking for a fun Girl's Night Out?  Paint it Yours is a place me and two of my favorite gals have been a couple times. Photos below of the door hangers we did earlier this week.


Don't miss the SALE!

Target- Patio sale up to 30% off + an additional 15% off.

Nordstrom- Half-yearly sale ends Sunday June 3rd.

Gap- Online sale up to 50% off.

Sephora- Urban Decay Primer buy a full size and get mini for free. *this is my fav. eye primer!*

Coco & Main- Summer Sale get an extra 20% sale items. Code: EXTRA20






Bad days are inevitable. Life can be challenging and sometimes you feel you are being kicked when you are down. 

I have had some really trying days in the last few months and if you know me,  I am typically pretty laid-back and optimistic. 95% of the time I have a smile on my face. I have a smile on my face not out of fakeness (is that a word?) but because although some days are far from what I hoped for I know that tomorrow is a new day and bad days do not equal a bad life. 

"Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react."

Charles R. Swindoll's quote we have all heard our entire life. We almost roll our eyes at these cheesy life quotes. Maybe you even did. He was not wrong, though. We are absolutely in control of how we react to things. Usually looking back on instances we were hasty and quick,  when we have a little more clarity and think "Yep, I could have handled that better." 


Here are habits that help me---


1. Choose your Attitude

         What? I have control over this? I am pretty sure the Devil has control of mine at times.  Have you ever prayed for God to give you a little bit of breathing room in an area and it feels like the Devil hears that weakness and says "oohhh, let me just drive that stake a little bit deeper." ? Yeah, that. Regardless, I can choose for my attitude to be ill and hateful based on the things that happen around me or I can choose to not be controlled by those circumstances.  Whichever we choose will certainly set the mood of the situation. It is much harder and takes more practice to do the latter but know you cannot maintain joy and peace if you have a bad attitude. 

" A positive attitude gives you control over circumstances instead of circumstances controlling you."


2. Do Not React Immediately/Take a Deep Breath

         This is honestly extremely grueling for me.  It has been a struggle my entire life. My mom will tell you, I was a great kid but my mouth got me in trouble more than anything. I am opinionated, I cannot stand a liar, I have zero tolerance for unnecessary rudeness, and if you mess with my kids -MAMA BEAR IS COMING.  In these moments of heat, sometimes I just react without thought.  Ya'll, it is like the words come flying out of my mouth so fast I have no time to catch them. The tongue is a dangerous weapon, believe me, I do know it.   What works best for me is to remove myself,  go outside, count down from 10 (close your eyes if you must), stop immediately and pray, go hop in the shower. Give yourself some time to clear your head before acting or speaking out of anger.

"Begin each day with a grateful heart..."

3. Keep a Journal

         Write down every good thing that happens. Big or small. I know that might sound silly but do it. On those bad days,  reading even the most insignificant "good thing that happened" a few weeks ago will uplift your spirit so much. This is a great reinforcement for me especially on the days that one thing feels like it ruined my entire day. I have much to be thankful for and I tend to get clouded by the garbage in life. If you feel like you cannot get out of the trenches of negativity, I think this is the perfect place to start. 


 This hangs in my dining room from Smallwoods.      

My exact one is not on the site but they do custom orders & it is currently on sale!


4. Share Kindness to Others/ Pray for Others

         I keep a prayer list on the wall in my bathroom so in the mornings when I brush my teeth, I pray for things that are going on with my friends and family. When you start praying for other people actively, your perspective changes drastically. 

         Other habits that help me are to give honest compliments, be kind to someone who looks like they are having a bad day, listen to someone without coming with your opinion, offer help where you can help, and make someone else smile. I find joy in making other people happy. It truly brightens my day. 


5. Practice Smiling

       I am serious. Have you ever felt out of sorts and the more you frowned or sulked the worse you felt? Surely I am not the only one.  Studies suggest that smiling activates a chemical reaction in our brain and releases dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. Dopamine is a hormone that increases our feelings of happiness. Endorphins are natural painkillers. Serotonin when increased lowers blood pressure and anxiety.  Boom, scientifically proven....Smiling makes us happier. So try it, smile a little more. Smiles are contagious. The more you smile the more people around you will, too. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer.



I remember when I was a kid my mom often asked me questions like, " Is that true or nice? Did you talk/were you nice to _____ today? Is that how you would want to be treated? You should pray about that. Surround yourself with kind people. Remember, actions speak louder than words." She instilled these things in me early on. Not because she thought she was without fault, she just knew kindness is never wasted. Mostly, she knew attitude is everything.  

These are not self help tips for a miraculously better life. These things will not stop bad things from happening.  We will still experience disappointments, unmet expectations, setbacks, misfortune, tragedy, frustrations, arguments, fatigue, and fear.  These are simply things that do help me especially when I get the "you are always smiling" comment.  I am guilty as the next person so please know this is not me saying that I have perfected it. 


  I shared this quote on my personal page this January after reflecting on a conversation where someone made a sweet comment about me always smiling...    "Because happiness does not depend on people, stuff, status or titles.    Often, I am asked "Do you ev  er not smile?" Uhhh, yes is the answer.  Everyone has bad days but those days effect my mood (temporarily) not my happiness or my smile.     Happy people make the best of what life throws. I challenge you to find the good, enjoy the simple things, disconnect to reconnect, search your heart, de-clutter the mess, find a passion. "

I shared this quote on my personal page this January after reflecting on a conversation where someone made a sweet comment about me always smiling...

"Because happiness does not depend on people, stuff, status or titles.

Often, I am asked "Do you ever not smile?" Uhhh, yes is the answer.  Everyone has bad days but those days effect my mood (temporarily) not my happiness or my smile. 

Happy people make the best of what life throws. I challenge you to find the good, enjoy the simple things, disconnect to reconnect, search your heart, de-clutter the mess, find a passion. "

I hope today you can find joy even in your mess.



How I'm Wearing Floral Pants

Most of the time if I haven’t worn something in a year or two, it’s out the door. I’m not terribly sentimental about clothes, and I don’t have any trouble getting rid of what’s not working for me. These floral print pants could have easily been in the Goodwill pile, but for some reason I just couldn’t let them go. Even though I can’t remember if I’ve ever worn them.

floral pants May 2018-2.jpg
floral pants May 2018-5.jpg
floral pants May 2018-9.jpg

When I put them on recently, I was surprised how easy they are to wear. Seriously, they feel like PJs. But you know, PJs you can wear to the office on casual Friday. :) For the corporate world these aren’t going to fly. But if you want to take a step up from jeans and you work in a semi casual atmosphere, I think you can pull off floral pants – especially if you add light blazer. I stayed pretty safe here with the black and white print, but I'm feeling a bit more adventurous. 

floral pants May 2018-10.jpg

I’m not going to lie, I tend to stick with neutrals when I’m going for a pattern. But I found several other floral options that just might get me out of my color comfort zone. What better time to try something bright than summer, right? See below for a few that caught my eye. 

 My most trusted color combination - black, white and a pop of color. 

My most trusted color combination - black, white and a pop of color. 

Floral Joggers and Casual Pants

 Love this print from SHEIN, and it still stays within my go-to black and white combo.  Click image for a direct link to the product listing. 

Love this print from SHEIN, and it still stays within my go-to black and white combo. Click image for a direct link to the product listing. 

 These are my favorites. On sale at Old Navy. I just might have to bring these home! So easy, chic and fun. 

These are my favorites. On sale at Old Navy. I just might have to bring these home! So easy, chic and fun. 

 These just feel like summer! Want. 

These just feel like summer! Want. 

 I do not know what's up with the weird RIP headstone in this image, but the print on these joggers is perfect! I can see these working really well in the fall, too. 

I do not know what's up with the weird RIP headstone in this image, but the print on these joggers is perfect! I can see these working really well in the fall, too. 

Do any of these pants speak to you?? Do clothes speak to you?? We'd love to hear or see how you wear them! XOXO

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Happy Weekend! | Happy Things, Pretty Things #1


What are you up to this weekend? This is a big one for us. My baby is graduating from pre-school, it’s my birthday and we have lots of chilling at the lake to do. :) My mom is making my favorite dinner tonight (the best lasagna in the world!). I request it every year for my birthday. Tomorrow night is Mexican with friends. I’ve basically got the whole weekend’s menu planned!

This 3-day break is coming at just the right time, and I’m planning to soak up the sun and all the family time I can get. While you’re by the pool or just relaxing on the couch, here’s a few links that caught my eye this week (and one or two favorites). 

1. I die over everything from Studio McGee. Here’s their latest home tour. The colors, the finishes, everything is so classic and I love it!

2. Do you ever buy something from Amazon and forget, just to be surprised with a little treat in the mail? Guilty. This rose quartz roller was definitely an impulse buy, but at under $9, I’m not feeling too bad about it. I’m testing it out now, so stay tuned for whether this beauty tool is the real deal or just a fad. 

Here’s a little background from Lauren Conrad on jade rollers and whether you should be using one.

3. A history of my dining room design woes, and the light fixture that makes me swoon.

4. Wish I had known this when my hair was falling out after having a baby. Veronika offers some great tips. 

5. Black or Rose Gold? Because flip flops. 

6. Because I read every article about having bright eyes

7. Just ordered! For $15, I’m taking a risk.

8. Corn, feta and cous cous salad. I almost always tweak every recipe I make in some way. Not this one. It’s so fresh and delicious, even more so if you use fresh corn instead of canned. It’s light, flavorful and is the perfect side for your Memorial Day cookout. Recipe here.

corn feta cous cous.jpg

Sales This Weekend

 NordstromHalf-Yearly Sale now through June 3 – Save up to 40%

Gap’s Summer’s Official Kickoff up to 50 % of every single thing. Extra 20 % off online (no exclusions + free shipping). Use Code PARTY

Old Navy - $1 dolla Holla Flip Flop Sale. Use code FLIP

J Crew Factory50% off and an Extra 50% off clearance. Use code WINWIN

Loft’s Memorial Day Sale40% off with code LONGWKND

Hope you have a great weekend with your family! XOXO 

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How a Light Fixture Saved the Dining Room

Our dining room needed help. Serious help. It’s one of those rooms that just ended up as the receptacle for décor that didn’t go anywhere else and I was kind of stuck. To take it back to the beginning, this room has had issues. I wish I could find a picture of the heinous wall paper that was here when I moved in. Burgundy floral. Yikes. This room has had the paper removed, floor torn out, joists replaced to make sure the house doesn’t fall in on itself, painted brown (bad, bad decision), painted a bright white. All the while none of it looked good. 

 What was I thinking with this chair?? The whole room looked like poop. 

What was I thinking with this chair?? The whole room looked like poop. 

 My husband, standing on a ladder (in the basement) coming up through the floor in the dining room.

My husband, standing on a ladder (in the basement) coming up through the floor in the dining room.

Even with all these other issues, there was one nagging problem. Our light fixture over the table was absolutely blinding. When you’re at the table with friends or family and enjoying time together, this blinding light did not make you want to hangout and visit. It was so bright and not my style and I had just been living with it because I didn’t know what to do.

 Here it is in all it's glory - this is week 1 of our dining room renovation. 

Here it is in all it's glory - this is week 1 of our dining room renovation. 

My husband and I decided to take on the dining room this winter. This happens every year – we’re bored in January and decide to do something major. I was pinning away on Pinterest and tried multiple colors of paint on the wall, all while incessantly searching for a new light fixture. I was obsessed. I don’t know about you, but finding the right lighting online is so tough. I’m not very good at imagining how big something is in a space. This is definitely why I struggled geometry, I can’t envision it – I need to see it in person. Photos can be so deceiving, and our dining and table are BIG. I wanted a light that didn’t look dinky AND set the tone for the overall style.

There were several other lights that I *almost pulled the trigger on. This is the photo that sent me on a spiral of finding these lights, only to decide that the light pattern it made on the wall would bug me, especially since we most often use the dining room at dinner time. They’re gorgeous, just not right for this room. 

 So dreamy. 

So dreamy. 

After about two months of searching, I finally landed on this drum light from Wayfair. I highly recommend searching Wayfair, Joss & Main, All Modern and Birch Lane. They carry overlapping styles and some things are more expensive on one than the other. I have idea why that’s the case, but I always cross reference prices.

Isn't it pretty??? I'm so happy with how the fixture (and the room) turned out. I guess all that obsessing paid off. ;) This is the light I ultimately chose. It’s the Young 6-Light Drum Pendant from Wayfair. It gives off the most subtle and soft light, but the fixture itself really makes a statement. It’s my favorite part of the room (and there’s so much I really do love!). I’ll give you a full tour of the dining room later, but today it’s all about the lights.

The other awesome lighting store I found during this search was Shades of Light. They have so many beautiful lights and the price point is definitely fair. My last stop was Amazon. I was really surprised at the options and pricing there, too.

Here are a few of the lights that caught my eye and almost made it to my dining room. I think they’re all beautiful. Which do you love? 

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Memorial Day Finds



We had big camping plans with family & friends this weekend.  As we look at the radar, the weather is the pits. We decided to just keep it simple, stay home, catch some movies, relax, bake festive food, and hang with the kiddos. Sunday after church, we are going to do a shrimp boil. Yum!! Rain can put a damper on our plans (literally) but it won't stop our fun...

Lauren and I decided to start a weekly round-up for you guys. Things we have shared in our stories, things we like, things pertaining to what is going on coming up. 

This is a round-up before the round-up since I found some fun & festive 'Merica stuff I wanted to share with you. So you get a double dose this week. Lucky you!!




Last but certainly not least, thanks to all the men and women who have served and given their lives for our country. Thank you for protecting our freedom. Remember, although today can be an excuse to have a cook-out, a long weekend with family & friends, or even a camping trip, we are celebrating those who no longer have the ability to do those things. So let's wave our flags high, pray for those lost lives, and thank the Good Lord above we have the freedom we do!

Hope you & your families have a safe weekend!




A pretty kimono – two ways

I’m going to be honest, that I didn’t think I could wear a kimono. I don’t really wear too many styles that are flowy and tend to go for more tailored styles.  But when I saw Meg wear this black and rust number out on a date with her hubby and friends, I decided I had to give it a try.

The kimono is the first item in our Versatile Style Series. We’ll take a piece of clothing – classic or a little trendy – and style out the outfit based on our unique approach to dressing and our own personal style. Here’s Meg to tell you how she styled the kimono her way – perfect for a date night or brunch with friends.

The kimono - one of my fondest items.
You wanna know why? Because you can wear them with literally anything at any time of the year. 
For real. Jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses, bathing suits, sandals, heels, whatever your heart desires! 
It is a great alternative to your basic cardigan or blazer.

I paired my kimono as an added layer to my black tank, high-waisted jeans, and open-toe bootie sandals.  This flowy duster gives that extra flair to an ordinary outfit. 

Exact jeans from Nordstrom. (I suggest sizing down. I am wearing a 29.) Booties like I am wearing.

kimono - spring 2018-9.jpg

Ok, Lauren here. Even though I loved the idea of trying out this new look, I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to wear it. My go to date night outfit almost always means jeans/cute top/heels and I’m done.

We usually keep it semi-casual, but this was the perfect chance to spice things up. But true to my personal style, I paired it with a black pencil skirt (it’s fake leather!) that I’ve had in my closet for more than a year and haven’t found a place to wear it. Sometimes you gotta make your own destiny. :) High Waisted (Minus The) Leather Pencil Skirt. – Currently $20 in ‘Fawn’ or ‘Chocolate’ from Express.

kimono - spring 2018-21.jpg
kimono - spring 2018-25.jpg
kimono - spring 2018-26.jpg

I’m was pretty surprised how great I felt in this outfit. I think I’m going to let Meg start getting me out of my style comfort zone. :) Check out these darling kimonos that would pair perfectly with jeans, and tailored skirt or even a solid dress. Does a kimono fit into your style? Would you wear it? Let us know! 

 Red Floral Kimono Jacket $69

Red Floral Kimono Jacket $69

Hair Products I'm Lovin'

Kenra 25 Hairspray

I have been using this hairspray for approximately 10(+) years. I worked with one of my besties back in the day at Trade Secret and we both swore by this product. This is the maximum hold volume spray by Kenra without the sticky, oily look and build up along with controlling humidity.  One thing that can be a little inconvenience is the nozzle ever so often may clog up. It is an easy fix and not a deal breaker for me. People seem to either love or hate the 25. The ones that are not a fan of 25 usually love the Kenra 13 which is the medium hold. . 

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In

After babies, my hair is all kinds of crazy. My biggest issues are the breakage and dullness. I received its a 10 as a gift when I purchased an item last summer at Ulta. Now, I use it all the time. It helps with tangles, breakage, shine, and frayed dead ends.

Not Your Mother's Sea Salt Spray

Because my hair is straight and I have a lot of it, it tends to be heavy and somewhat flat. This sea salt spray is for soft beach-like waves. It does not do that for me. I use this spray to give me a little texture. On a hair washing day, this is a good addition for grit. 


Batiste Dry Shampoo

I have always been a daily washer but then I met dry shampoo. I am down to two to three washes a week. Batiste is my favorite brand at an inexpensive price. The tropical scent is my favorite. 

As a brunette, I have found some dry shampoos leave white residue that take a little more work than others to get out. For best results, I suggest putting it in your hair the night before so that it can absorb while you are sleeping. Although, there have been mornings when I decide to hold out a day longer, I will throw dry shampoo in with a headband on and hop in the shower. Batiste seems to do well in soaking up the oils even at the last minute.

On freshly washed hair, dry shampoo is good to spray into the roots to give some volume and texture. 

Let me know some of your favorites that we should try!

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Notes on Mother’s Day


I’m sitting at my desk today, half recovering from all the activities of the weekend and thinking about what motherhood means to me. I’m coming off the high of my favorite Mother’s Day as a mom, and I’m feeling really introspective. I can understand that Mother’s Day can be fraught for some. A year or two ago I can remember thinking that I’m just not good enough, not doing enough, not strong enough. There are so many ways that the joys of others can seem like an assault when we’re not seeing things clearly. I think social media only magnifies that if you fall into that trap. I have.

My own relationship with my mom is so strong, and before being a mother myself, I had always enjoyed Mother’s Day – the presents, the special dinners, telling my mom how much she meant to me. It wasn’t until I had my son that my perspective on Mother’s Day and motherhood in general changed so much. I guess none of us get to really understand how much our mothers do for us, or give to us, or sacrifice to us until we become mothers ourselves. All this you know if you’re a mom, I’m not treading new ground here.


But what I’m starting to understand is that it's not the sacrifice of motherhood, but because of it we are so profoundly changed. I think I resisted this change, even resented it a little bit. I didn’t like how my mind was never my 100 percent my own – what and how my son is doing is never far from my thoughts. It’s harder for me to concentrate. I was never a worrier, and sometimes my mind races even though I’m demanding that it stop.

My son has had some challenges – some that are not unique to many parents’ experience, and some that are. I’ve never liked feeling out of control, and my parenting experience has felt a little like being in a freefall. But somewhere in this last year, I’ve found my footing. I feel stronger. I’m more confident in myself as a mom, more at peace with those little thoughts and worries that pop up. I’m seeing my little buddy blossom and grow and learn new things and overcome difficulties, and it makes my heart swell and my eyes fill up with tears as I write this sentence.


As much as we have a God-given responsibility to raise our children to love God and honor others with their hearts and hands, I’m not so sure that we as mothers aren’t the ones that come out on the other side changed even more. At least that’s the way it feels for me.

Motherhood, just like other parts of life, has its ups and downs. Today I’m thankful for the opportunity and blessing it is to have a mom who loves and to be a mom who loves. I’m resting in the joy that I’m the right mom for Reid, and he’s just right for me. He'll keep changing, and so will I. Whatever comes our way, we’ll get through it together.

Much love,

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A little pop of color

I love big statement earrings - especially for going out. And there's no doubt that statement earrings are having a moment. They're everywhere. And I love the idea of a big earring to jazz up one of my outfits, but when I'm wearing jeans and a tee and am running errands after picking up my son from school, I find that I pass over those big 'outfit makers' for something a little more subtle.

That's where these earrings come in. I've looked at the A New Day line at Target several times, but nothing really caught my eye until I saw these beauties. Sometimes you just know when something has to be yours. :) It didn't hurt that they were under $10 bucks. These little drop earrings add just the right amount of punch to your outfit. They look equally great with jeans and a tee as they do with a crisp white top and wedges for spring! If they came in more colors, I would buy them all! 

PS - they're less than $7! 

Where do you find cute, everyday earrings?  

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Meg's Home Style



This coffee table is easily one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house. I bought it last year before we moved into our new home and love it more and more. 

Comfy and cozy with some southern charm is my intention. I want you to walk into my home, take off your shoes, and stay awhile.

My friend, Maggie, at The Weathered Willow revamped this beauty.  Have you been to Vinterest in Hixson? Check out her booth when you go! 

AND she just started a new booth inside called The Locker Room that is full of all kinds of SEC decor. Whoop, whoop! Go Vols! 

My old house when I first bought the table. Isn't she a beauty?


My Current Makeup Favs

I don't know about you but for me, I like to switch up my make-up throughout the seasons -sometimes more frequent than that. But I wanted to share with you some of my current makeup favs. This isn't my whole routine, but are definitely products I reach for most days. 

Lancome Foundation

This foundation is nothing short of amazing. I wear a 330 Bisque N during the winter and bump up to a 340 Bisque N when I have some color. 

This foundation is long lasting, has SPF, and it is not too heavy but has excellent coverage. (I go back and forth between this and Bare Minerals Original Loose Powder Foundation). In Bare Minerals, I wear medium beige year round. 


Lancome Undereye Concealer

I use medium bisque. This is waterproof, yeah! Some days, I have dark circles especially when the pollen count is at 9240908. These days are definite times I use this concealer but it is not something I battle every day. This would be a great staple if you daily struggle with under eye circles.

FYI, a little goes a LONG way.

Lancome Eyeliner

I always wear eyeliner.  This is a wonderful black eyeliner that goes on smooth and is rich in color. It can be used for basic eyeliner, wings, smokey eyes, and/or on your waterline.

Lancome Mascara

This is a natural mascara and great for every day. I will say, the Hypnose Drama is an amazing mascara for a night out or date night. It really gives you some va-voom in your lashes that you are not necessarily looking for on a day at the office. And I am always a lover of this Maybelline mascara, too. It is a fantastic, inexpensive product. 

Pretty Vulgar Blush 

I got this blush in a monthly box I subscribe to. My first thought was "oh my word, that is PINK!" Keep in mind, I am not a pink kind-of girl. I do not hate it and I like wearing it but I do not automatically flock to it. I am more of a blue/green girl. With that being said, I was very leery about this product. I read the info on it, read some reviews and decided what the heck, let's give it a whirl. It said that they made the shades to be versatile to all skin types and I am dark headed with olive skin so bubble gum pink is just ehhh. Boy, I was wrong. This stuff is FABULOUS!!!! I wear this jazz every day. You can build on the color if you want really bright cheeks but it also can be very subtle. Great product, I am a fan.


Bare Minerals Glow Illuminator 

This creamy gel is called Gold Obsession. I bought this item on a whim when Bare Minerals had a sale (bargain addict). I put this illuminator right above my Pretty Vulgar Blush. It highlights and defines my cheeks bones.  Sometimes to brighten my eyes, I will put a little in the corners. This product is build-able. Go ahead get creative with it.


Lancome Color Design 

This is my go-to color. It is neutral and goes with anything. The colors in this lip line are all amazing. They are pigmented well and last a long time.

Another great color is Limelight's Macaroon. It is a perfect day-to-day choice. I keep both of these colors in my purse.

**I do wear eyeshadow but that changes constantly which is why I did not add those in. I will do a post about my favorite eye shadows one day. 

Maybe, I could do a monthly breakdown of what I am currently using that will also give you some product ideas on what I love and why I love them. I have a whole slew of make-up so I might as well put them to good use. 

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This is not a sponsored or affiliated post and purely based on my preferences.

Seeing What's Right in Front of Me.

It's been gray here so many days recently. When I was coming home from dropping my son off at school, I was struck by the beautiful colors in my own yard. These bright purple flowers were drenched in the sun and the blue sky was piercing the clouds. I've always tended to take notice of things of beauty and pretty surroundings - it's what I do with my home, my style, even my work. But lately, the gray has gotten me down. 

purple iris.jpg
flowers and sky.jpg

So when I looked up and saw these flowers, the ones that have been flourishing with all this steady rain we've had the last few weeks, I knew it was worth taking 5 minutes to get a closer look. It made me wonder how often I miss the beauty that's right in front of me. This week, I'm trying to look at everything with fresh eyes. Who knows what I'll see? 

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Subscription Addiction

"There is a box for that"....

Did you know there are endless kinds of monthly, quarterly, and yearly boxes you can subscribe to? Ya'll this is changing my life and soon I will never have to leave the house. :) 


Most of us have heard of  Ipsy, Birchbox, and Sephora Play for beauty, Hello Fresh and Blue Apron for food, Stitchfix for clothing, FabFitFun with combination of beauty & fitness. BUT these aren't all that are available - and box subscriptions are not limited to women only! There are baby boxes, men boxes, kid boxes, business boxes. I was stoked when I learned how many there are. Seriously, what a great idea!!

If you are like me, I like a surprise, trying new things, and giving a review. Through a couple of my boxes I have found some of my favorite new items.

subscription -5.jpg

Currently, I have ----

PLAY by Sephora  - monthly box

FabFitFun - quarterly box 

Boxy Charm - monthly box

On Their Way ---

Mighty Fix - monthly box- first one on the way!

Shave Club - monthly box- for the hubs!

PLAY by Sephora is a beauty box for $10.83 (ish). I love this box! I have had it for about two years and it is by far the best beauty subscription I have had-for the price. I feel like the products selected are a higher quality than the other beauty boxes I have gotten in the past. For ten dollars and some change, you really cannot beat that. It is  better than going out and buying stuff just to try only to find you hate them. I have switched perfumes because of a sample in this box, found great primers, and fell in love with some face masks. 

FabFitFun is a quarterly box for $49.99. (There's a coupon for that).
I know this is a bigger investment than some of the other boxes but the items combined total over $200 and they are full size! Plus, like I stated it is quarterly so they are 4 seasonal boxes a year.  There is an option when checking out to add additional items at a fraction of the cost-which being the gal that loves a deal, I hit that up. FabFitFun will ask you a few questions and customize your box based on your likes or can choose let them completely surprise you with your goodies.  

My favorite thing out of my first box was the muscle soak - Himalayan salt. I have a sensitive nose and I could smell it before I opened the box. Unsure but curious about it, I decided to skip my Epsom salt bath and try the muscle soak. The idea is to release toxins in your body, stimulate circulation, and soothe sore muscles. I try to take a bath once a week, to relax was my initial reasoning but I am flushing toxins out of body that can cause my immune system to weaken and also helping with acne, cellulite, puffiness. I am all for a good detox. I felt great after and slept amazing. I will be purchasing this again and again!

P.S. Your bathroom will smell like a spa for a couple days after too especially if you do not fully clean the tub. **Not that I would know but that is just what a heard** ;) haha

Last tidbit, each season FitFabFun partners with a different charity to support their mission. I cannot help but adore a business that chooses to share their wealth for the greater good of another organization. 

opening box

Boxy Charm is another beauty box for $21. What drew me in to this box was that the items you get are full size, where most of these other beauty boxes are travel size. I want to be 100% honest on this. My first box was okay. Not that the items were bad because they definitely were not. They just were not items I would use. The first box came with a lot of glitter items which takes me back to middle school and I do not ever wanna go back there.  What I did get some really great brushes in that box. If you are a make-up gal, you know one of the brushes alone would have cost $20. It paid for itself.  Although, I was not oooo'ing and ahhh'ing over my first box- I am a second chance giver so I got my next box.  CHA-CHING! They more than made up for themselves! Every item in box two has been used and a couple used daily.

Mighty NEST is a home box. They send you one green item each month, weekly ideas for healthy living, and the best part is 15% donation for your local school with any order on their website. My friend and I are box lovers and every time we find a new one we will send each other messages "A NEW BOX!!!". She gave me a coupon on my first nest for a free box. It is currently in the mail on it's way to me.  So, we will see and I will share soon!

Next on my list to sign up for are a date night box, faith box and a coffee box- yep there is a box for that! Oh, and there are Christmas boxes, too....I will definitely be jumping on that one!

What are some of your favorite subscriptions? 

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My new favorite lunch.

Confession: I may or may not have had a cereal with a side of pinto beans last week for lunch. I work from home, so lunch is a little bit of a toss up every day, and things have gotten ridiculous lately. I hate cold sandwiches and I don't want to spend more than a few minutes on lunch prep. 


I cook dinner most nights of the week for my husband and son, and I definitely meal plan and grocery shop to make sure I have all the ingredients I need. For some reason, lunch just feels like a chore. When I worked at an office, I packed my lunch and ate pretty healthy - lots of fruit and yogurt and some leftovers. I still do this somewhat at home, but I'm bored! It seems I always had more willpower to pack a healthy lunch, but at home reaching for cereal has gotten a little bit too easy. In fact, it's become my default on several days of the week. Not. good.

So, I'm trying to be intentional this week about eating something green and making a proper lunch - salads, soup and leftovers. No cereal. Ok, maybe just one day. :) My inspiration for this beautiful salad comes from my sister-in-law who is a champion at healthy, satisfying lunches. She also likes Brussels sprouts just as much as I do. These sprouts take three ingredients - salt, pepper and olive oil. If you wanted to get a little fancier you could also mix in some garlic or garlic salt. Either way, just toss with a few tablespoons of oil, add in your seasonings and brown them in a small skillet. It took about 5-7 minutes for these to get extra crispy on the edges. 

While the greens were on the stove, I made a spinach salad, cut up some leftover chicken and gorgonzola and a little balsamic dressing. Now that's lunch! I know this is only one day, but I'm definitely inspired to spend 10 minutes or less to make something better for me that will give me sustained energy through the afternoon. 

What are your go-to lunch staples? I'd love to know! 

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The nightly skin routine I'm loving.

A night routine is somewhat new to me. And by new, I mean, a little over two years. This is something I WISH so much I had started years before my thirties! But, when you are twenty, you just wanna be tan (and skinny) and really everything else does not matter, amiright? Sunscreen was never worn. I almost cringe saying that now. My skin is olive complected, I did not really burn when I was younger so why put sunscreen on that will prevent me from getting sun-kissed? PSSSHHH. Take me back. I would re-do it. 

A good skincare routine that works right for your skin is something you have to work on. Luckily for me, my lifelong friend, Janelle, who is my  go-to skin guru helped me tremendously. I joke with her often that she could sell the cheapest skincare/makeup out of the trunk of her car in the Waffle House parking lot and there would be a crowd. Her skin is flawless. 

I upped my skincare game when she introduced me to Lancome & Estee Lauder. I have used many other name brands but nothing I could say, "Man, I love this stuff. I can truly tell a difference."

skin care-1.jpg

My skin is a combo mess! I told you before that I never used sunscreen, so there is without question sun-damage. It is oily but has dry patches in random places like around my mouth. I am acne-prone and sensitive. My skin is a hodge-podge of it all!

Here is what I have been doing...


Step One: Remove Makeup&Cleanse
Removing my makeup is an absolute must. Always, always take your makeup off before you sleep and be gentle! Remember, this is a process. I have found that Estee Lauder Take It Away is my favorite kind of lotion to melt my makeup off . Then I use my Clarisonic Mia with my cleanser, Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean or Creme-Mousse Confort by Lancome. The Clarisonic cleans 6 times deeper than you hand washing your face! That is pretty incredible. 

Step Two: Toner
A little over a year ago, I added toner into my routine which is an extra cleaner, adds more hydration, and shrinks pores. Best for combo and acne-proned skin like mine. Re-hydrating and purifying your skin for a more radiant look!

*Tip: You can buy the Cleanser and Toner in a duo. It will you some money. You know, I am always looking for the deal.

Step Three: Advanced Night Repair/ Eye Serum
These are two different anti-aging products. The Night Repair is for all over your face and the eye serum is for your eyes. These are used to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin (yes, please!), and dark circles. 

Step Four: Night Moisturizer
Besides removing your makeup, I think this is numero uno! I have flopped between Estee Lauder NightWear Plus (currently using this one) and Lancome Visonaire Nuit. Neither are greasy and great for sensitive skin. Moisturizers have many amazing benefits such as soothing, hydrating, increasing blood circulation, boosting collagen, restoring elasticity which all help with wrinkles and sagging skin.Your skin absorbs active ingredients better at night time than it does during the day. In that case, choose your moisturizer wisely. Thicker is not always better. You want your skin to be able to breathe and able to repair skin cells without being clogged. 

Favorite Masks
About once a week, I do a face mask.  This is one I mix up a little, I like Lancome's Hydra-Intense Masque, Limelight's Skin Polish exfoliating mask, and Boscia's Charcoal Pore Pudding.

Recently, I got Whish's Renewing Mud Mask & Nourishing Dew Mask to try out. I will let you know how I like them. Also, I have done some skin peels and dermaplane at a local place here in Chatt. I will blog about that soon! 


I know it seems like that is a lot to do and a big investment. I get that. If you are a wife and mom like me, I totally do! Aside from doing a mask (once a week), it takes less than 10 minutes. Your skin will thank you and you will be so happy you did! 

I am thinking I should add a lip sugar scrub into my night routine. My lips are always dry. What is your favorite? 



**(I am not a skincare professional and this is my personal opinions on products I have used and loved.)